Understanding Marxism: Q&A

Pro­fes­sor Richard Wolff spends a cou­ple of hours in Jud­son Church near Wash­ing­ton Square Park, NYC, talk­ing about his new book Under­stand­ing Marx­ism and answer­ing ques­tions that peo­ple sub­mit­ted online.

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Rise of the warrior cop

This Wall Street Jour­nal essay high­lights dis­turb­ing facts about the aggres­sive mil­i­ta­riza­tion of U.S. police forces. Financed by Fed­er­al grants, police depart­ments and gov­ern­ment agen­cies are cre­at­ing SWAT teams with weapons and capa­bil­i­ties equiv­a­lent to spe­cial mil­i­tary forces. They have … Read more

My spam from “Robert Mueller of the FBI

NOTE: If you’re not sniff­ing glue at this very moment, you might not find this piece of spam email fun­ny. But I thought it was too hilar­i­ous not to repro­duce. –RL

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