Wrong Is Right


The Amer­i­can Schol­ar asked me to con­tribute to their week­ly online “Writ­ing Lessons” col­umn. I chose the secret of impro­vised music as revealed by Thelo­nious Monk–“Wrong is right”–with exam­ples from gui­tarist John Aber­crom­bie and pianist Ken­ny Wern­er.

This lit­tle piece … Read more

Barry Hannah, 1942–2010

I’ve just heard the sad news that Bar­ry Han­nah has died at only 67 years of age. He was a cease­less­ly inven­tive and orig­i­nal fic­tion writer whose work is like noth­ing else in the world. His sto­ry col­lec­tion Air­ships (1978) … Read more