Noam Chomsky on secrecy, terror and Google

A nice, less-than-20-minute inter­view with Noam Chom­sky, con­duct­ed by Lau­ra Flan­ders of GRITtv.

7:15: US drone oper­a­tions are ter­ror and they engen­der ter­ror against us. “It is com­plete­ly under­stood at the high­est lev­el that as you car­ry out these [drone] oper­a­tions you are gen­er­at­ing ter­ror­ism.”

11:38, on Google Glass rep­re­sent­ing an inva­sion of pri­va­cy. Quot­ing Eric Schmidt: “If you’re doing some­thing that you don’t want to have on the Inter­net, you shouldn’t be doing it.”

15:21: Half the Magna Car­ta is about preser­va­tion of the Com­mons from the King.

16:27: The “tragedy of the Com­mons” (which main­tains that prop­er­ty held in com­mon will be abused and destroyed, while pri­vate prop­er­ty will be pre­served) is a com­plete­ly false dog­ma. In fact, the oppo­site is true.

17:48: “Bradley Man­ning ought to be regard­ed as a hero. He’s doing what an hon­est, decent cit­i­zen ought to be doing: let­ting the pop­u­la­tion know what the peo­ple who rule you are doing. … The prin­ci­ple [that Man­ning is] vio­lat­ing, name­ly that pow­er has to be pro­tect­ed from scruti­ny, is the prin­ci­ple of every autoc­ra­cy, every dic­ta­tor­ship.…”

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