My PGP key

My pub­lic PGP key is on the key­servers (get the one with the lat­est date), or you can down­load the key file.

Using Apple’s OS X? There’s final­ly a free (as in free­dom), easy-to-use encryp­tion pack­age for the OS X, called GPGTools.

For Win­dows there’s GPG4Win.

Those tools are based upon GNU Pri­va­cy Guard.

Bear in mind that if you use encrypt­ed email, you will auto­mat­i­cal­ly be placed on a spe­cial tar­get­ed list by gov­ern­ment spy agen­cies like the NSA and the FBI. This is an uncon­sti­tu­tion­al abuse of pow­er. You can fight it in a num­ber of ways. For starters, sign the peti­tion at

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  1. where do I find my pub­lic key to post on the pgp pro­gram men­tioned, I cant seem to fig­ure it out. I fol­lowed the whole encryp­tion decryp­tion thing but i cant find my pub­lic key like ones post­ed on ven­dor sites

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