Kirkpatrick Sale on bioregionalism and secession

Kirk­patrick Sale is the author of Human Scale among oth­er books, and direc­tor of the Mid­dle­bury Insti­tute which stud­ies and pro­motes the seces­sion of indi­vid­ual states from the Unit­ed States of Amer­i­ca.

In April, 2010, Mr. Sale gave a talk on biore­gion­al­ism and seces­sion in Asheville, NC. The video, in five seg­ments, is archived in the Mid­dle­bury Institute’s YouTube chan­nel. For con­ve­nient view­ing, the seg­ments are embed­ded here in sequence. (The audio of the 5th seg­ment drops out at 3:25 and nev­er returns.)

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